Parks and Recreation Department

Recreation Leagues

The City currently has fourteen leagues that provide year round activities for all ages.  All leagues are run by parents or parent organizations and are not directly affiliated with the Frostburg Parks & Recreation Department.

The Parks & Recreation Department  works with the leagues to maintain and provide facilities and assist as needed.  We would like to commend them and thank them for their efforts to provide recreational  opportunities to area residents.


Baseball:            Frostburg Little League - President:  Todd Snyder - 301-876-8851

                          Frostburg Rec. League Team - Coach:

                          Hot Stove Baseball League - Team Coach:  Toby DiNicola 301-697-0981



Basketball:       Frostburg Youth B-Ball League - Pres: Adam Patterson - 240-727-2961

                      Fearer Memorial League - President:  Randy Sterne - 301-722-5770

                      Fearer Men’s League - President:  Ed Jones - 301-707-9221


Football:              Frostburg Cougars (Pee Wee) - Coach:  Richelle Printy - 301-697-0282


Soccer:               Frostburg AYSO - Regional Commissioner:  Kevin Wagner - 301-689-3184


Softball:             Mountain Ridge Girl’s Softball League - President: Rachael Cesnick - 301-697-0884

                          Mountain Thunder (Girl’s Softball Travel Team) - Coach:  Dave Llewellyn - 301-687-0448

                          Frostburg Slow Pitch Softball League (Adults) - President:  Rick Stevenson




City of Frostburg | 301-689-6000

59 E. Main Street | PO Box 440 | Frostburg, MD 21532